Breakfast Briefing Google Apps for Business

Webster Consulting are holding a Breakfast Briefing on Thursday 12th September on the subject of Google Apps for Business.

At the session you will discover how local enterprises use Google Apps as a better alternative to Microsoft.

The briefing will inform you how companies in your local area have transformed how they work by adopting Google Apps. It will feature a guest speaker detailing his experience of going Google at SORCE — the Newbury-based provider of intranet solutions. The briefing also includes a demonstration of Google Apps as well as insight from Webster Consulting — the certified Google Apps Reseller who helped SORCE and other local businesses on their journey.

The session is free of charge but we encourage you to register for the event soon to guarantee your place.

Why Google Apps? Why now?

• Be ready for when MS stops their support for office products like Windows XP in 2014
• No more point solutions for Email, Calendar, Contacts, Collaboration, Instant Messaging, Social, File-sharing and Storage
• No more restrictions on where and when you can access your IT — any device, anywhere
• No more running out of space in your inbox
• No more sending large attachments back and forth
• No more disruptions due to upgrades and updates
• Online and offline capability
• Compatible with traditional office software
• Industry-leading reliability, security and availability

Who should attend?

Business Owners, Managing Directors, Technical Directors, IT and Operations Directors

For more information click here or contact Dave Webster on 0118 3217665 or