Reading Business Club Mentoring Application

Reading Business Club is an informal networking group of Thames Valley businesses that meets to share ideas, offer support and refer new business leads within, and through, the group.

About the Mentor Academy

The Mentor Academy is a Reading Business Club initiative to give back to the business community something of our collective experience by mentoring one or two business people every six months.

About the Mentoring Programme

The first mentoring programme began in March 2007 and many businesses have been through the process. The Mentoring Academy will:

  • select candidates for their individual qualities (and not those of their business)
  • always stay neutral
  • be approachable at any time
  • be honest
  • give constructive advice
  • provide guidance but leave the decision to the individual
  • be open to the idea of learning from the relationship as well as teaching
  • have a genuine interest in the individual
  • take rejection well

Each mentor candidate will have a main mentor/sponsor/champion, who will be in touch by phone once a week and/or meet face to face typically for one hour per month (unless otherwise agreed between mentor and candidate). The candidate will meet the mentoring committee on a regular basis during the six-month period to update their progress. The candidate will be required to attend 50% of the Reading Business Club’s breakfast meetings[1] during the six months (to meet the other club members).

Contact us via and somebody from the Committee will come back to you.

The Mentor Academy Application

Each club member will be invited to give the candidate up to two hours of free advice (not goods or promotional materials) during the six-month period. At the end of the six-month period, the candidate may, depending on vacancies, have the opportunity to become a fully paid-up member of the Reading Business Club, subject to present Club rules however membership is not a condition of applying for the programme.

How to apply

Applications from all business backgrounds are welcome provided they meet the following criteria:

  1. Candidates must have a sound business idea or already be in business.
  2. They should be coachable, approachable, and able to receive advice.
  3. Candidates must provide:
  • A full CV (with full contact details)
  • A synopsis of the business or business idea
  • A one-page business summary and plan
  • A completed Membership Application Form – which will be sent to you.

To apply for the next placement, post [2] or email these items, together with a covering letter explaining how you think you will benefit from the mentoring and what you might contribute to the Club during the process.

Applications will be considered by the mentoring committee. Applicants will be invited to attend a business breakfast to meet other club members. Breakfast will be followed by a short meeting with mentoring committee members. The approval process and decision date will be outlined to candidates. Once the decision is made the committee will match an appropriate mentor with the candidate and set up a date for an initial meeting.

[1] Meetings are held alternate Thursdays from 7.20am at the Sonning Golf Club, Duffield Road, Sonning-on-Thames, Reading RG4 6GJ.

[2] Chris Goslar, Reading Business Club, 20-22 Richfield Avenue, Reading RG1 8EQ.