Your Perfect 10

Depending on your age and interests, the phrase “Perfect 10” might remind you of Bo Derek, the gymnast Nadia Comaneci, a song by The Beautiful South or a website featuring scantily clad (or unclad) women.  This blog will not comment on the merits or otherwise of any of them: for Reading Business Club member James Butler the Perfect 10 is behind a recent upsurge in sales, and that is why he wanted to share the idea here.

Since the start of September James’ company, Painless Business, has experienced an amazing increase in sales (hurrah!), and he has a theory that one major factor has been his focus on his “Perfect 10”.  Let him explain:

“At the end of August we sat down and re-thought through our perfect client profile – what qualities were we looking for in the people we worked with?  Then we thought of 10 actual prospects who fitted that bill.  Since then we have used that list as a regular (more than weekly) prompt to remind us to focus on helping those 10 people become clients.  Six of them now are, and we’re working on the others…  None of them have said no yet.”

Now, it may not be new customers that you are trying to attract (but there are very few businesses who aren’t looking for new clients!).  It may be that you are looking for perfect referral sources (to generate new clients), or perfect employees, or perfect suppliers, partners or collaborators.  Whatever you are searching for, the Perfect 10 may be a means to find them, and be proactive about securing them.  Here’s the steps to making it happen:

  1. Decide on what you want more of (clients, employees, girlfriends, whatever)
  2. Reflect on what a perfect one of those would be like (describe their characteristics)
  3. Articulate this clearly – and write it down
  4. Name specific people you think would fit that bill – and write them down
  5. Read that list daily if possible, at least twice a week
  6. Spend time thinking about those people, and what they need to start working with you
  7. Take action to help them get that
  8. As you are successful in securing people from that 10, replace them with new names
  9. Review the progress monthly, and decide whether you want more of the same, or something new.
  10. Celebrate the success in recruiting your Perfect 10 – as customers, referrers or employees – and restart at 1.

This model fits perfectly with a second model that James has used with his business coaching clients:

KNOW           NOTE            NOW

  • Know – spend some time getting to understand and know the issue, and what you want as an outcome
  • Note – regularly take time to read, absorb and reflect on what you know – so that your mind really takes note.
  • Now – translate that awareness into specific action, now, that starts to attract the outcome you are aiming for.

Well, it works for James and his clients.

How could it work for you?
What would your Perfect 10 be a list of?